So annoying…

I was able to watch all of my TV channels that I’ve paid for. All but one! TLC, which was the only channel I wished to watch tonight, remained black and soundless. 😦 Nothing showed up! Not even a square saying the channel is not available or that it can’t find a signal.

I was not able to watch one of my favorite TV shows, “Return to Amish”. 😦 Stupid TV! And it didn’t help putting the card in the TV in the living room. Nothing happened there either. As I wrote, all the other channels worked well.

I hope that if I go to bed now, the TLC channel will have reappeared tomorrow so that I can watch what I think is a rerun of tonight’s episode.

It’s so frustrating when you want to watch something on TV and then the TV channel is gone! 😦 I wouldn’t care so much if some other channel disappeared one night… But I really wanted to watch “Return to Amish”.


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