Dark and cold

It’s dark and cold outside. Okay, not that cold. -2 C at the moment. But it was cold sitting in the living room with the door to the balcony open! (The cat always wants to get some fresh air a couple of times a day. Usually he sits inside the door when it’s cold outside.) And it’s only 6 am, so of course it’s dark outside. 😉

I’m a little sad when I got an e-mail from an online book store. 😦 “A gift from Bob” by James Bowen is sold out! When I ordered it, it didn’t say that. I don’t know where they get their books from, but I hope they soon get more Bob books. Because I want to read about Bob!!! That’s the book I was most looking forward to! 😦

The book was released only some days ago and it’s already sold out on the online book store… Well, I guess they didn’t realize that probably thousands of people are waiting for the book. Bowen’s books about Bob has sold more than a million copies!

I think I’ll take the bus to work today. Don’t really look forward to taking the bicycle…

But first I’ll watch the last part of a movie that I couldn’t finish watching last night. I borrowed a DVD from the library, so I can return it today. I had to stop watching the movie, because Swedish Hollywood wives came on TV. 🙂


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