I always rely on a TV channel’s website when it comes to Formula 1. They are always right. Almost. Yesterday I checked the site and it said the third practice session started 12 a clock. So I turned on the TV 4 minutes before 12 and what do I get? I get to see the last four minutes of the third practice session! It started 11 am! Yesterday the website claimed the race starts at 3 pm. Now they’ve changed it to 2 pm… I’ll turn on the TV at 1 pm. They always have some pre-talk before the race starts, so I’ll watch that.

So, I basically just got to watch the qualifying yesterday and then the race in a few hours today. The qualifying was pretty boring. Hope the race will be more interesting.

I feel like baking something today. But I don’t know what I am going to bake. Have to check the books with all the recipes.

Mum is in Sweden again. She comes home next Sunday. She left yesterday morning. So the cat will have to be home alone several hours on Monday to Saturday next week. I am working this Saturday, so it’s a long week for me.


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