Jules Bianchi

What a horrible end to the Japanese GP yesterday. 😦 I hope Jules Bianchi will survive the accident. There have been so few updates about how he is doing, and it’s difficult to know what to believe when you read articles on the Internet. Some say he is breathing on his own, others say he is in a medically induced coma and breathing with the help of a machine. It seems he may need another surgery in the coming hours or days. I am happy though that they didn’t show the accident on TV. From what I understand it looked really really bad on the scene.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for the doctors to give an update.

Of course I can’t help thinking about Michael Schumacher. He crashed his head on rocks when he was skiing downhills. But he got bleedings in the brain too, just like Bianchi. Oh well, Bianchi is young and strong. May be he’ll be just fine.

Anyway, minus degrees tonight. But now it’s a few degrees on the plus side.

I have to go to work soon. When I come home tonight I hope there will be good news about Bianchi.


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