Home sweet home


I spent most of the weekend at my sister’s house, looking after the dog, Albin. So it’s nice to be able to sleep in my own bed soon. 🙂

The weather could have been better. It rained pretty much nonstop most of the Saturday. It stopped late at night, but today the winds have been strong all day. 😦

I think it was Friday (or may be Thursday) when we got snow in the morning! 🙂 But it was all gone in the afternoon… I am pretty sure it was Friday, because I had a day off on Thursday and it was snow on the ground when I took the bus to work.

I went to the dog around 4.30 pm on Saturday and returned home almost 24 hours later, around 4 pm.

Before I went to the dog I walked to town (in the rain). Mum and Alec walked first and mum called on the phone, saying there were lots and lots of swans in the little pond near our house. So I took the camera with me to town and stopped on the way to take a picture of the swans. It’s a bit blurry because it was raining and I had to zoom in so much on the birds, but I think you can see there are lots of white birds if you click on the picture to enlarge it.

I met mum and Alec later in the town, and we took the bus home. It’s really exciting for a three year old to go with the bus. 🙂 He said “bye, bye town” as the bus started driving. When we jumped off the bus close to the house, he said “bye, bye bus”. 😀

On Friday I finally got “A Gift from Bob”!!! 😀 It was sold out the first time I ordered it. But they quickly got more copies so I could order it again after a few days.

I took the book with me to my sister’s house and finished it today! 😀 It was super good, fun and sad all at the same time! I hope James Bowen writes more books in the future, because it’s always fun to read what Bob is up to! 😀

Better go to bed now. I have to get up early tomorrow.

Hair cut


I had a day off from work today! 😀 Because I worked last Saturday. Went and got myself a hair cut among other things. The hairdresser took about 13 centimeters. I can still have the hair in a pony tail.

I really liked watching “The Butler” on DVD tonight. 🙂 I borrowed it and other movies from the library the other day.

Still no TLC. 😦 But the company that sells the TV channels are innocent. Discovery in the US needs to do something with a signal in order for the channel to show up again. I really didn’t understand much of what the salesperson said…

Last night I went to the cinema! 🙂 I watched a Swedish-Finnish movie called “Vadelmavenepakolainen” in Finnish, “Hallonbåtsflyktingen” in Swedish. It was pretty funny! 🙂 They talked both Finnish and Swedish throughout the movie.

They talked about a snowstorm coming tonight! 😦 Strong winds and snow tomorrow. No fun at all… I am sure I’ll take the bus to work.

About the picture of the cat in the bed… Well, I just thought I’d put a picture of him today. 🙂

Going to read a little before going to bed.

Still no TLC

Still not a sign of the TLC channel. So now I am going to go to the company that sell TV channels and complain a little. Because I really want to know what happened to it…

Have to work until 7 pm today, so I’ll get something to eat in town and then go to work after that.

The cat is happy now that mum is home again. No more lonely days for him. 🙂

So annoying…

I was able to watch all of my TV channels that I’ve paid for. All but one! TLC, which was the only channel I wished to watch tonight, remained black and soundless. 😦 Nothing showed up! Not even a square saying the channel is not available or that it can’t find a signal.

I was not able to watch one of my favorite TV shows, “Return to Amish”. 😦 Stupid TV! And it didn’t help putting the card in the TV in the living room. Nothing happened there either. As I wrote, all the other channels worked well.

I hope that if I go to bed now, the TLC channel will have reappeared tomorrow so that I can watch what I think is a rerun of tonight’s episode.

It’s so frustrating when you want to watch something on TV and then the TV channel is gone! 😦 I wouldn’t care so much if some other channel disappeared one night… But I really wanted to watch “Return to Amish”.

Work today

It’s been a long week for me in the library. 6 days of work. I was there from 9 am to 3.15 pm today. It’s nice to be home now. As soon as I have washed the dishes I can relax, read books and watch some TV/DVDs and do other things.

My poor cat has had to stay home alone so many hours every day this week. But mum comes home from Sweden tomorrow evening, so now the cat doesn’t need to be alone anymore.

They are expecting lots of rain tomorrow. 😦 It rained a little today too, but it stopped in the afternoon before I went home.

Kimi Raikkonen turned 35 years yesterday! 😀 He is getting old. 😉 The oldest F1 driver at the moment. He has been talking recently about driving one more year and MAY BE one year after that too. If he does, he will be 37 and still driving F1!

Dark and cold

It’s dark and cold outside. Okay, not that cold. -2 C at the moment. But it was cold sitting in the living room with the door to the balcony open! (The cat always wants to get some fresh air a couple of times a day. Usually he sits inside the door when it’s cold outside.) And it’s only 6 am, so of course it’s dark outside. 😉

I’m a little sad when I got an e-mail from an online book store. 😦 “A gift from Bob” by James Bowen is sold out! When I ordered it, it didn’t say that. I don’t know where they get their books from, but I hope they soon get more Bob books. Because I want to read about Bob!!! That’s the book I was most looking forward to! 😦

The book was released only some days ago and it’s already sold out on the online book store… Well, I guess they didn’t realize that probably thousands of people are waiting for the book. Bowen’s books about Bob has sold more than a million copies!

I think I’ll take the bus to work today. Don’t really look forward to taking the bicycle…

But first I’ll watch the last part of a movie that I couldn’t finish watching last night. I borrowed a DVD from the library, so I can return it today. I had to stop watching the movie, because Swedish Hollywood wives came on TV. 🙂

Boring GP

The Formula one GP in Russia was pretty boring. 😦 The only interesting part was Nico Rosberg who had to change the tires after the first lap (I think), fell down (I guess he was last or almost last), but then finished second.

I wish he would have won the race. Now he is even more behind Hamilton. I want Nico to win the world championship, because Nico’s dad is Finnish (and Nico has the right to a Finnish passport), and he doesn’t have a championship yet, which Hamilton already has.

I made a mud cake in the afternoon! 😀 I am enjoying it as I write. It’s so quick, easy and delicious!!

First I thought I’d make a blueberry pie. But then I remembered that I don’t have any blueberries. And I didn’t want to go back to the grocery store where I had already been earlier in the day. So I make the mud cake instead. It’s really delicious with some vanilla ice cream!

I guess I’ll wash some dishes soon and then spend the rest of the evening reading.