Snow and rain and strong winds

Not very good weather today. Pretty horrible actually… But we did get our first snow of the season! 😀 Unfortunately the winds are strong and most of the snow was mixed with rain. It’s also cold and earlier during the day there were hail too. In some parts of the country more snow came and I have read about car accidents because of the bad, icy streets. May be people are driving with summer tyres on their cars…

In the center of town the little snow that came stayed on the ground, but not here, nor at work. I couldn’t go home with the bicycle (I did take the bicycle earlier in the day when I went to work, because the sun was shining then), so I had to take the bus and leave the bicycle in the library.

The winds are still strong and a little while ago there was some heavy rain.

Came home pretty late in the evening, almost 8.30 pm. So I haven’t really had time to do anything at home. Better go to bed now. I have to leave the house after 7 am so I have time to walk to town and take the bus that leaves 8 am from the market square.


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