Saturday work

I was working today, although it’s Saturday… The library was opened 10 am to 3 pm. So we have to work about one Saturday a month, as we are four people sharing the Saturdays. I get one day off next week because I was there today. So I chose to have Thursday off. Thursday is my birthday! 😀

So even if we won’t be able to celebrate (because mum has some work stuff in the evening), it’s still nice to be home on your birthday.

Came home just in time for the F1 qualifying. Why is Kimi always unlucky??? He did great in Q1 and Q2 for a change. Then suddenly in Q3 the car lost all power. 😦 He was 7th in the end. But he probably would have been better if the car hadn’t gotten issues. And yesterday his brakes were on fire! What will happen to him tomorrow?

I might bake some muffins now and put them in the freezer later tonight when they have cooled off. Don’t know when birthday guests will come (they are usually so busy…), but they can come when they come. No guarantee I will have cake for them, though… That depends on what day they choose to come. 😉

Mum, Alec, grandmum, and the whole of my sister’s family (5 people) are at grandmum’s summer cottage about an hour north of Vasa today. They left at 10.30 am so I am not expecting them to come home until 8 or 9 pm. They usually stay all the day when they are there.

Will make some granny squares when I have baked the muffins. I think I have around 36 or 37 squares now.


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