A little bit of this and that


Looks like the cat has started liking his new bed a little bit at least! 🙂 Don’t know what he did with the towel that we have put in it… But it does look comfortable. We said we would give the bed to the little dog if the cat didn’t like it and used it. But lately he has been there several times. So I guess he’ll get to keep it. 🙂

Has crocheted several granny squares today for the blanket! I took a break for a couple of weeks or more. But now I am doing them again. I recalculated the number of squares and the size of the blanket and figured out I need 59 pink, 59 green, 59 orange, 59 purple and only 58 blue!

The last few days I’ve been watching both Hunger games movies! I rented the first one and I actually bought the second movie from the rental shop for 5 euros. 🙂 Today I looked for the first movie in a store, but it was sold out there, so I will try another store some day.

Today they showed the ice hockey game between Vasa Sport and TPS (from Turku) on the free TV channel 4! 😀 It’s great that they show a few of the games for free. This game was extra special because it was the first home game for Vasa Sport in the highest league. They actually played a season in the highest league 40 years ago too. But now they are back, and hopefully it is to stay in the league. It will of course be a difficult season for them, because they are new and the games in this league is much harder and faster than in the lower league where they have been playing for years and years. But they actually won this game 4-1! 😀 Too much fighting and penalty minutes, though. They lost the previous game yesterday 4-2 I think. And that was the first game of the season. So they got their first three points today. 🙂

Borrowed some German books in the library today! Going to try and read some German now. I need to practice to read some German so I don’t forget it all. Of course I don’t understand every word, but I understand the story.

Someone is having fireworks tonight… I guess some one got married and they got a special approval to have some fireworks in the night.

Better go to bed. It’s soon midnight! (In 30 minutes.)


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