Home sweet home :)

It feels nice to be home again! 😀 I shall sleep well in my own bed tonight. I was already sleeping but woke up again when the cat wanted to get some food.

The cat has got a new fluffy bed. It looks really nice. But does the cat go there? No! He is interested in it, walks around it, but doesn’t want to sleep there. May be he needs a few days to get used to it. And if he really doesn’t like it, I am sure the little dog will love it! So we will give it to my brother then. But first we wait a week to see if the cat will get used to the new bed.

I got an early birthday gift tonight! 😀 A new phone! Don’t remember what model the previous one was but I am sure I had it for ten years or more. The new phone has a camera, and I think I can receive and send pictures too. I don’t want the phone to be too technical. I just need to be able to make/receive phone calls, send and receive text messages and use the calculator and things like that. So now I can take a photo with it too if I happen to see something interesting outside.

The phone was on sale, so mum decided to get it now. My birthday isn’t until the end of September (25th), but mum’s Swedish friend goes home on Sunday and we needed him to show how to change from the old phone to the new phone. I have the same phone number as before, so I had to open the old one and remove a tiny little SIM card (?) and put it in the new one.

Formula one in Italy this weekend! Was not able to watch the free practice sessions of course because I was working. Kimi was 7th and 3rd! I’ll watch the third practice session and the qualifying too tomorrow.

But now I need to sleep.


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