It’s my birthday! 😀

I have a day off from work because I worked last Saturday. 🙂 Not going to do anything special though. May be I’ll soon go and eat pea soup and pancake that they have at a café in a grocery store. I haven’t eaten there for months, I think, so I will do that today.

No birthday guests today I think. Mum has some work stuff tonight. May be another day I will get some visitors.

Going to read some books and crochet some granny squares when I come home from town. It’s pretty cold and gray clouds outside, but at the moment no rain.

Snow and rain and strong winds

Not very good weather today. Pretty horrible actually… But we did get our first snow of the season! 😀 Unfortunately the winds are strong and most of the snow was mixed with rain. It’s also cold and earlier during the day there were hail too. In some parts of the country more snow came and I have read about car accidents because of the bad, icy streets. May be people are driving with summer tyres on their cars…

In the center of town the little snow that came stayed on the ground, but not here, nor at work. I couldn’t go home with the bicycle (I did take the bicycle earlier in the day when I went to work, because the sun was shining then), so I had to take the bus and leave the bicycle in the library.

The winds are still strong and a little while ago there was some heavy rain.

Came home pretty late in the evening, almost 8.30 pm. So I haven’t really had time to do anything at home. Better go to bed now. I have to leave the house after 7 am so I have time to walk to town and take the bus that leaves 8 am from the market square.

Saturday work

I was working today, although it’s Saturday… The library was opened 10 am to 3 pm. So we have to work about one Saturday a month, as we are four people sharing the Saturdays. I get one day off next week because I was there today. So I chose to have Thursday off. Thursday is my birthday! 😀

So even if we won’t be able to celebrate (because mum has some work stuff in the evening), it’s still nice to be home on your birthday.

Came home just in time for the F1 qualifying. Why is Kimi always unlucky??? He did great in Q1 and Q2 for a change. Then suddenly in Q3 the car lost all power. 😦 He was 7th in the end. But he probably would have been better if the car hadn’t gotten issues. And yesterday his brakes were on fire! What will happen to him tomorrow?

I might bake some muffins now and put them in the freezer later tonight when they have cooled off. Don’t know when birthday guests will come (they are usually so busy…), but they can come when they come. No guarantee I will have cake for them, though… That depends on what day they choose to come. 😉

Mum, Alec, grandmum, and the whole of my sister’s family (5 people) are at grandmum’s summer cottage about an hour north of Vasa today. They left at 10.30 am so I am not expecting them to come home until 8 or 9 pm. They usually stay all the day when they are there.

Will make some granny squares when I have baked the muffins. I think I have around 36 or 37 squares now.

A little bit of this and that


Looks like the cat has started liking his new bed a little bit at least! 🙂 Don’t know what he did with the towel that we have put in it… But it does look comfortable. We said we would give the bed to the little dog if the cat didn’t like it and used it. But lately he has been there several times. So I guess he’ll get to keep it. 🙂

Has crocheted several granny squares today for the blanket! I took a break for a couple of weeks or more. But now I am doing them again. I recalculated the number of squares and the size of the blanket and figured out I need 59 pink, 59 green, 59 orange, 59 purple and only 58 blue!

The last few days I’ve been watching both Hunger games movies! I rented the first one and I actually bought the second movie from the rental shop for 5 euros. 🙂 Today I looked for the first movie in a store, but it was sold out there, so I will try another store some day.

Today they showed the ice hockey game between Vasa Sport and TPS (from Turku) on the free TV channel 4! 😀 It’s great that they show a few of the games for free. This game was extra special because it was the first home game for Vasa Sport in the highest league. They actually played a season in the highest league 40 years ago too. But now they are back, and hopefully it is to stay in the league. It will of course be a difficult season for them, because they are new and the games in this league is much harder and faster than in the lower league where they have been playing for years and years. But they actually won this game 4-1! 😀 Too much fighting and penalty minutes, though. They lost the previous game yesterday 4-2 I think. And that was the first game of the season. So they got their first three points today. 🙂

Borrowed some German books in the library today! Going to try and read some German now. I need to practice to read some German so I don’t forget it all. Of course I don’t understand every word, but I understand the story.

Someone is having fireworks tonight… I guess some one got married and they got a special approval to have some fireworks in the night.

Better go to bed. It’s soon midnight! (In 30 minutes.)

Home sweet home :)

It feels nice to be home again! 😀 I shall sleep well in my own bed tonight. I was already sleeping but woke up again when the cat wanted to get some food.

The cat has got a new fluffy bed. It looks really nice. But does the cat go there? No! He is interested in it, walks around it, but doesn’t want to sleep there. May be he needs a few days to get used to it. And if he really doesn’t like it, I am sure the little dog will love it! So we will give it to my brother then. But first we wait a week to see if the cat will get used to the new bed.

I got an early birthday gift tonight! 😀 A new phone! Don’t remember what model the previous one was but I am sure I had it for ten years or more. The new phone has a camera, and I think I can receive and send pictures too. I don’t want the phone to be too technical. I just need to be able to make/receive phone calls, send and receive text messages and use the calculator and things like that. So now I can take a photo with it too if I happen to see something interesting outside.

The phone was on sale, so mum decided to get it now. My birthday isn’t until the end of September (25th), but mum’s Swedish friend goes home on Sunday and we needed him to show how to change from the old phone to the new phone. I have the same phone number as before, so I had to open the old one and remove a tiny little SIM card (?) and put it in the new one.

Formula one in Italy this weekend! Was not able to watch the free practice sessions of course because I was working. Kimi was 7th and 3rd! I’ll watch the third practice session and the qualifying too tomorrow.

But now I need to sleep.

Sore throat

I have a sore throat now. And it hurts more when I am coughing. Went home in the afternoon because I missed my cat so much. I had not seen him since Sunday. Brought a bottle of coughing medicine back with me. Yuk!! 

I am waiting for October!! James Bowen will then publish his next book about his Bob cat. The book is called “A gift from Bob”. Can’t wait to read it! 

Going to take the dogs out for a walk now, then take some medicine and go to bed early. Had to stay home from work yesterday. But I went there today.