With the dogs

This will take long for me to write… I am using my sister-in-law’s iPad and I am not used to write on it. And The iPad constantly suggests different words that I don’t want to write. So I have to go back all the time to correct.

But I’m now with the dogs. Just took them out for a walk. Have changed into pyjamas now and will soon go to bed. But I’m going to read some more first. I have a library book that someone made a reservation for. So i have to read it in two weeks. It is a sad story about Auschwitz and the women in block 10. Hans-Joachim Lang is the author.

I brought some other books with me too and a little Christmas Card to cross stitch. But I have to read the Auschwitz book first.

I hope the weather stays dry. It can rain during the night if it wants. But I don’t want rain tomorrow when I have to find the right way to work.

Well, the little dog burped after all the food he ate and they are both sleeping now. It’s very quiet in the house. Hope I will be able to sleep good tonight.



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