There are lots of fireworks tonight… Personally, I am not interested in watching any. It’s just annoying with all the banging when you are going to sleep.

It’s the end of the summer cottage season tonight, so that’s why they are allowed to have fireworks. It’s just tonight and on new year that you are allowed to have fireworks. For other occasions you need special approval by authorities. And it’s not just the people that have summer cottages that celebrate with fireworks… It’s anyone.

Mum and her Swedish friend (who came very late last night) spend the whole evening watching the annual sports event between Finland and Sweden. Men and women, boys and girls get points for running, throwing javelin and doing whatever they normally do in athletics. After two days they see who wins. The Finnish men or the Swedish men? The Finnish women or the Swedish women? I don’t watch that sports event. So I don’t know who’s gonna win. Sweden I guess.

Read pretty much today. 🙂 But now it’s time to get some sleep. The last day I get to sleep in my bed for several days. 😦

Tomorrow I am going to my brother’s house and I have to stay there until Friday! They are going to Legoland in Denmark… So I have to look after the dogs. We went there yesterday and he showed me where to cycle in order to get to work. Hope I remember it… I better start early on Monday in case I get lost in the forest somewhere… 😉

But I will spend most of Sunday at home. They are starting their trip in the afternoon, so I can go there in the evening.

My goodness! That was a LOUD BOOM outside the house now… Well. Better get to bed. It’s well past 11 pm.


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