What if – movie

I was watching something on Youtube earlier today and usually I pay no attention to those annoying ads that they have before the video starts playing. But today I happened to see the trailer for the “What if” movie, starring my all time favorite actor Daniel Radcliffe! 😀

I knew it was in cinemas in other countries, but I didn’t think that Finland would get the movie too. But I checked the website for the local cinema, and yes! They are showing it in the cinema in my town too!

So, I went to the cinema today! 😀 Didn’t think I would when I woke up this morning. The movie (in Canada it is called the “F word”, F as in friends or friend zone…) started at 6 pm. It’s a romantic comedy, not something that would be my first choice if I have to choose what movie to watch. But I really liked “What if”! 😀 All the actors/actresses were great and the story too. So go see it in your local cinema! I’ll definitely get the DVD whenever it comes out on DVD.

Gold and bronze in javelin for Finland today, in the European championships!! 😀 Antti Ruuskanen got gold, Tero Pitkämäki got bronze and the third Finn (whose name I don’t remember) finished fourth! Obviously I was not able to watch the javelin because I went to the cinema. Those where the only medals Finland got in the championships…

My first owl bookmark is almost done! 🙂 A few more cross stitches and then the backstitching.

But it’s getting let. Better go to bed now.


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