Thunder – again

I have to go to my sister’s house today and sleep there, take care of the dog while they are in the south of Finland. It’s just one night. They are coming home tomorrow. On Tuesday next week the kids go back to school. Actually, in Vasa, the Finnish speaking kids start on Monday and the Swedish speaking kids start on Tuesday.

My nephew starts high school on Monday! Such a grown up boy he is! He will start in a high school in another town, so he has to sleep there during the weekdays and only come home on weekends.

On Thursday we had the Night of Arts here in town. It’s an evening with lots of events and things like that. Most are free. Lots of bands playing music, dancing, the shops are opened longer and the main library was open until 10 pm I think.

It looked bad in the afternoon, because there was some heavy thunder storms and the rain was pouring down like crazy! I had to leave the bicycle at work and take the bus home. I found an old umbrella in the library, so I could use that while I walked to the bus stop. It was no fun at all standing there, waiting for the bus, with lots of thunder and lightnings all around me. 😦 I came home, quickly ate some dinner and then my sister’s family (not the oldest boy) came to pick mum and me up. It was still raining a bit then, but thank God it stopped raining! 🙂 In the end, I guess it was a pretty successful evening for the event. Lots of people came out, when they saw that the rain had stopped and the sun was shining.

I followed mum and the others around for a while, but then left them. I went on my own after that. But I only spent a couple of hours in town. I came there around 6 pm and a little after 8 pm I was back home. Mum came home closer to 10 pm.

I had to take the bus to work on Friday morning, since I had left the bicycle at work. In the afternoon it started pouring down like crazy again and the thunder and lightnings came back. When I left the library at 5 pm the thunder was gone and the sky was cloudy, but it didn’t rain. So I went home on my bicycle. Unfortunately the rain started pretty quickly again, and it was a lot of rain! 😦 I was very extremely wet when I came home! It looked like I had been in the shower with all my clothes on…

Now the thunder has once more come and I really should have to go to the dog. But I think I have to wait and see a little longer how the weather changes. I don’t feel comfortable riding the bicycle when there is thunder in the air. So far, it is not raining, at least not outside the house. But I don’t know how it is where I’m going. May be it is raining in that part of town.


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