Horrible weather :(

I mean really horrible weather! 😦 It started around 3 pm I guess and didn’t end until after 8 pm. Very heavy rain, lots of thunders and lightnings, storm, flooded areas in the town… No fun at all.

Earlier in the day it was over +30 C! Hot, hot, hot… When the bad weather started it dropped to +17 C.

Took the bicycle to work, but then my sister, niece and mum came after me with the car, because they had visit grand mum. I had to wait until 7.40 pm before they came. The library closed 7 pm. Then we had to go and pick my nephew up too from the sports field. They ended their practice session at 8.15, so we weren’t home until 8.30 pm.

Tomorrow I have to take the bus, which goes 8 am I think, from the market square, so I have to walk to town. I will be too early for work then, but I guess I can end earlier some other day.

Going to bed early tonight. Hopefully there will not be any more heavy rain/thunder/lightnings.


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