Back to normal

Mum just came home from Sweden, so now it’s back to normal. 😉 She starts working tomorrow. The cat didn’t go nuts this time, since she was only gone a couple of weeks. But he is purring much more instead. Meowing too of course, but not as much as last time when she and K came.

Some very dark clouds in the sky now. May be rain, may be thunder… We’ll see. Hope something comes at least.

Got some cross word and word search magazines. 🙂 So now I will spend a good part of the rest of the evening solving cross words and word searches!

But I will of course watch an episode of “Little house” too. I started by watching the whole second season and some episodes of the third season. Then I got season 1, which I ordered online, and I watched that whole season. Now I am back on the third season! 😀 I don’t have any more seasons after the third one but I am pretty sure I’ll order it online sometime.

I have now 23 granny squares I think. I still need to measure the previous blanket and check the centimeters. May be I’ll add a row or two more.


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