Lots of cycling in the future… First day at work in a very long time! 😀 In a library (where I have worked many times before), but it means I have to cycle at least 45 minutes one way and the same back. A bit longer if the weather is stormy and rainy or if my legs are tired. Six months (August-January) I’ll be there.

Better get used to going to bed earlier because I have to wake up pretty early too.

But now is the weekend! 😀

Had to buy kitty litter for the cat, again… Those bags are heavy! And I managed to make a hole in the lid on one of the yoghurts because I “threw” a tube of toothpaste down into the shopping basket. Of course the sharp edge of the tube hit the yoghurt! Well, I was careful and managed to get the yoghurt home without getting it all over everything else in the bag! 🙂

Have to fold some clothes and other things that has been drying. I washed a lot of clothes yesterday.

May be I’ll make a granny square tonight before going to bed.


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