With the dogs

This will take long for me to write… I am using my sister-in-law’s iPad and I am not used to write on it. And The iPad constantly suggests different words that I don’t want to write. So I have to go back all the time to correct.

But I’m now with the dogs. Just took them out for a walk. Have changed into pyjamas now and will soon go to bed. But I’m going to read some more first. I have a library book that someone made a reservation for. So i have to read it in two weeks. It is a sad story about Auschwitz and the women in block 10. Hans-Joachim Lang is the author.

I brought some other books with me too and a little Christmas Card to cross stitch. But I have to read the Auschwitz book first.

I hope the weather stays dry. It can rain during the night if it wants. But I don’t want rain tomorrow when I have to find the right way to work.

Well, the little dog burped after all the food he ate and they are both sleeping now. It’s very quiet in the house. Hope I will be able to sleep good tonight.



There are lots of fireworks tonight… Personally, I am not interested in watching any. It’s just annoying with all the banging when you are going to sleep.

It’s the end of the summer cottage season tonight, so that’s why they are allowed to have fireworks. It’s just tonight and on new year that you are allowed to have fireworks. For other occasions you need special approval by authorities. And it’s not just the people that have summer cottages that celebrate with fireworks… It’s anyone.

Mum and her Swedish friend (who came very late last night) spend the whole evening watching the annual sports event between Finland and Sweden. Men and women, boys and girls get points for running, throwing javelin and doing whatever they normally do in athletics. After two days they see who wins. The Finnish men or the Swedish men? The Finnish women or the Swedish women? I don’t watch that sports event. So I don’t know who’s gonna win. Sweden I guess.

Read pretty much today. 🙂 But now it’s time to get some sleep. The last day I get to sleep in my bed for several days. 😦

Tomorrow I am going to my brother’s house and I have to stay there until Friday! They are going to Legoland in Denmark… So I have to look after the dogs. We went there yesterday and he showed me where to cycle in order to get to work. Hope I remember it… I better start early on Monday in case I get lost in the forest somewhere… 😉

But I will spend most of Sunday at home. They are starting their trip in the afternoon, so I can go there in the evening.

My goodness! That was a LOUD BOOM outside the house now… Well. Better get to bed. It’s well past 11 pm.

A night guest

My nephew Alec is going to sleep here tonight. 🙂 Let’s see how that goes…

Tomorrow we are going to have a birthday party for mum whose birthday it is on Monday. So Alec is excited about that, having three of his cousins coming for a visit tomorrow.

I had to take the bicycle today and go to Alec’s home and take the dogs out for a walk. Of course it started raining when I got there, so I had to take them out in the rain… I stayed there a little too. The smaller one was jumping up and down.

The leather strap on my wrist watch nearly broke into two pieces, so I had to go to town earlier today and buy a new strap. Looks almost exactly like the previous one.

Going to cross stitch a little more now, but I think I’ll go to bed pretty early tonight.


I guess the summer is over now… It’s been so cold and rainy lately. I had to take my duvet out of the closet tonight. I am also wearing my fake onepiece, that has been unused all summer!

Kind of felt like going to the sauna as well, but didn’t do it.

Going to bed pretty early tonight.

What if – movie

I was watching something on Youtube earlier today and usually I pay no attention to those annoying ads that they have before the video starts playing. But today I happened to see the trailer for the “What if” movie, starring my all time favorite actor Daniel Radcliffe! 😀

I knew it was in cinemas in other countries, but I didn’t think that Finland would get the movie too. But I checked the website for the local cinema, and yes! They are showing it in the cinema in my town too!

So, I went to the cinema today! 😀 Didn’t think I would when I woke up this morning. The movie (in Canada it is called the “F word”, F as in friends or friend zone…) started at 6 pm. It’s a romantic comedy, not something that would be my first choice if I have to choose what movie to watch. But I really liked “What if”! 😀 All the actors/actresses were great and the story too. So go see it in your local cinema! I’ll definitely get the DVD whenever it comes out on DVD.

Gold and bronze in javelin for Finland today, in the European championships!! 😀 Antti Ruuskanen got gold, Tero Pitkämäki got bronze and the third Finn (whose name I don’t remember) finished fourth! Obviously I was not able to watch the javelin because I went to the cinema. Those where the only medals Finland got in the championships…

My first owl bookmark is almost done! 🙂 A few more cross stitches and then the backstitching.

But it’s getting let. Better go to bed now.

Cross stitching

Has done pretty much cross stitching today. 🙂 Ordered a while ago a kit with two owl bookmarks! They are really cute. Most of the first bookmark is done already.

Also watched two DVDs today. “Die Weisse Massai”, a true story based on a book by Corinne Hoffmann. I think that’s how you spell her name and the movie, where they talk pretty much German too, not just English.

Later in the night I watched a DVD about a famous Swedish comedian, Jonas Gardell. They had filmed one of his shows that he had some years ago. Very funny! He is married to Mark Levengood, one of my favorites. 🙂

Pretty warm and sunny today. No rain.

Missing Formula one… They are having a four week break. But next weekend they are in Belgium. 🙂

Going to bed now. It’s 11.30 pm. In 30 minutes it’s already Sunday!

Thunder – again

I have to go to my sister’s house today and sleep there, take care of the dog while they are in the south of Finland. It’s just one night. They are coming home tomorrow. On Tuesday next week the kids go back to school. Actually, in Vasa, the Finnish speaking kids start on Monday and the Swedish speaking kids start on Tuesday.

My nephew starts high school on Monday! Such a grown up boy he is! He will start in a high school in another town, so he has to sleep there during the weekdays and only come home on weekends.

On Thursday we had the Night of Arts here in town. It’s an evening with lots of events and things like that. Most are free. Lots of bands playing music, dancing, the shops are opened longer and the main library was open until 10 pm I think.

It looked bad in the afternoon, because there was some heavy thunder storms and the rain was pouring down like crazy! I had to leave the bicycle at work and take the bus home. I found an old umbrella in the library, so I could use that while I walked to the bus stop. It was no fun at all standing there, waiting for the bus, with lots of thunder and lightnings all around me. 😦 I came home, quickly ate some dinner and then my sister’s family (not the oldest boy) came to pick mum and me up. It was still raining a bit then, but thank God it stopped raining! 🙂 In the end, I guess it was a pretty successful evening for the event. Lots of people came out, when they saw that the rain had stopped and the sun was shining.

I followed mum and the others around for a while, but then left them. I went on my own after that. But I only spent a couple of hours in town. I came there around 6 pm and a little after 8 pm I was back home. Mum came home closer to 10 pm.

I had to take the bus to work on Friday morning, since I had left the bicycle at work. In the afternoon it started pouring down like crazy again and the thunder and lightnings came back. When I left the library at 5 pm the thunder was gone and the sky was cloudy, but it didn’t rain. So I went home on my bicycle. Unfortunately the rain started pretty quickly again, and it was a lot of rain! 😦 I was very extremely wet when I came home! It looked like I had been in the shower with all my clothes on…

Now the thunder has once more come and I really should have to go to the dog. But I think I have to wait and see a little longer how the weather changes. I don’t feel comfortable riding the bicycle when there is thunder in the air. So far, it is not raining, at least not outside the house. But I don’t know how it is where I’m going. May be it is raining in that part of town.