Super heat

This is getting ridiculous… Read in the newspaper today that super heat is coming from the east, like Friday to Tuesday at least. Temperatures close to +35 C! (+95 F)

I REALLY hope the weathermen has calculated this wrong! Geez! *shaking my head*

Oh well, I guess it will be autumn one day. In October?

I’d better make some dinner now. May be I’ll even bake a mud cake! 😀 It only has to be 15 minutes in the oven, so it’s quick. Delicious with some vanilla ice cream!

I have decided to add another color to my granny square blanket; dark purple and light purple! 😀 Just because I liked those colors when I saw them in the supermarket… That means I need 60 of each color now, not 75 as before.

Have to go to my sister’s house tonight. Look after the dog. Don’t know where they went today. They are coming home on Thursday. So I will take care of the dog tonight, tomorrow and on Thursday morning. But I suppose I will sleep at home, going to the dog late at night and early in the morning to take it out for walks. May be I’ll sleep one night with the dog. Haven’t decided yet.

I’d like to take a cool shower too. I went to the supermarket in the afternoon and that was no fun in the heat.

So I’d better start making dinner now. I’ll just warm something up in the microwave. Will only take a few minutes.

I’ll bring some yarn and other supplies to the dog tonight so I can make some squares while I’m there.


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