Fiasco for Ferrari

Damn it!! What idiot is working for Ferrari? Why didn’t they send out Kimi one more time? They could have used a set of new white tires. That would probably have been enough. But no… They calculated that the time Kimi got on his only lap was enough to get him to Q2. Only it wasn’t. Marussia’s Jules Bianchi used the yellow tires and managed to push down Kimi to P17! 😦

And people say that it’s Kimi’s fault he sucks this year? Well, it is not the driver that decides if he has to go out one more time or not. It’s the team’s decision, 100 %! Ferrari screwed up big time today! I hope they apologize to Kimi after the qualifying! How could Kimi be able to help the team get points when they are doing these kinds of basic mistakes and having issues with the car almost all the races?

No point in watching the rest of the qualifying. Don’t really care about the other drivers at the moment.

Hamilton’s car started burning pretty badly. He’s probably P21 or P22 or may be he decides to start from the pit lane. But anyway, he has the Mercedes and one week ago, he started far back too and ended up in P3… So he won’t have any problems. It’s much worse, once again, for Kimi in P17.

I’d better go wash the dishes now and after that make some dinner. But I don’t really feel like eating anything warm in this heat. May be I’ll just boil a couple of eggs (to get some salt) and eat them with a yoghurt.

I went to the grocery store across the street earlier today and it was so hot I didn’t want to be outside more than necessary. I want thunderstorms and rain now! It’s too hot, inside and out!

The electricity was gone for 15 minutes this morning. I was watching Little house on the prairie when the TV suddenly shut itself down… Thought it was something wrong with my TV (I have an “old school TV” that takes up a lot of space), but then I tried to turn on the lamp in my room. When that didn’t work either, I realized there was no electricity.

Don’t know why the electricity was gone… Luckily it came back pretty quickly, before all the stuff in the freezer started melting.

Yesterday I started making a granny square blanket. 😀 I need 300 squares. The squares are all white (not “white white”, more like “bone white” or “cream white”) on the outer edges. The other rounds are either dark green/green, dark pink/pink, orange/yellow or blue/turquoise. One square is about 8 cm x 8 cm, so the blanket will be something around 120 x 160. But then I need a border around that too, so may be a few more centimeters. I need 75 squares of each color.

I really couldn’t make a granny square blanket where the colors are totally random. Like one square could have pink, black, dark green and white, while another square might be yellow, grey, orange and turquoise. No, never! I have to make the squares the same colors! Last time I had squares that where red/pink and blue/turquoise. This time I’m choosing four color pairs, so it will be more colorful this time. But I put four squares next to each other and I like the color combinations. 🙂

I actually made may be 10 squares a pretty long time ago, but for some reason I never continued past the 10 squares. I guess I didn’t like how the squares turned out to be. These new squares I like much better and I know I will finish the blanket this time. But I’ll save the other squares in case I decide sometime in the distant future that I want to continue with them.

I use the same yarn as the previous granny square blanket. Don’t remember how big that turned out to be.

Yesterday (and previous days too), I have gone out cycling like 9 or 10 pm. I have a route that takes 45-55 minutes, depending on how fast or slow I go. The horrible heat is gone by that time and it’s pretty nice to cycle when there’s a cool breeze. There’s a lot of people out cycling or walking or just sitting in the grass or on benches at that time. I guess we are all tired of the high temperatures.

Well, the qualifying is over now… Better go wash the dishes now. I hope the media reporters aren’t too hard with Kimi today… It really wasn’t his fault. They should jump at Ferrari instead. 😦


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