Hot today too

I didn’t have the energy to go cycling today. 😦 It’s too hot. I might have been able to go earlier in the evening, but I forgot. May be I’ll go tomorrow.

Whatever clothes you are wearing is too much. I walk around with a t-shirt and a pair of briefs. When I go out I put on shorts. But I have to take the shorts off as soon as I come in because of the warmth in this apartment.

Sleeping? Even the bedsheets are too warm to have over your body. A pair of briefs is all I need. I will change the bedsheets tonight before I go to bed. But there’s no point in looking for anything other than a pillowcase and the big bedsheets that cover the mattress. The other I will just end up throwing on the floor in the middle of the night. So it’s better that they are neatly folded in the closet instead.

I have tried to drink more water than I usually do during the day. And I read on the newspaper that you need some salt too, so I have made sure I eat some salty things as well.

It’s 11.20 pm, but I know I won’t be able to sleep yet.

The cat is sleeping on the couch now. A few minutes ago it was gulping lots of water from the little bowl that I have in the living room.

I did take the bicycle to the supermarket earlier today. When I came home I took a cold shower to cool down my over heated body.

It’s not even funny anymore. I want rain, thunder, storm, autumn, winter, snow!! I know, when the winter is here I will complain about the cold weather and all the snow and wish it was summer instead. πŸ˜‰

My rainbow loom hook broke into two pieces today! 😦 I liked that hook! Now I’ll just have to use one of my crochet hooks. May be I should choose a metal hook this time. That might last longer. I guess I have been making too many bracelets and other things. It was bound to break at some point.

I made the hibiscus bracelet today, one with three colors (pink, yellow, purple), one with mostly red and just a little yellow in the middle. I also made two honey bee bracelets. One with red flowers, one with blue flowers.

Well, time to change the bedsheets now. Then I’ll drink some more water and try to get some sleep.


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