Another hot day

I had to go out with the bike today… Had to go to the employment agency. Also went to the library to read some magazines.

Now I am in desperate need of a cool shower! 😦 It was +27 in some part of town. Inside the apartment it is +29.9.

I do feel sorry for the cat. There isn’t much I can do to help him feeler cooler. Just putting bowls of cold water here and there. Trying to get him to drink. He likes to be on the balcony in the morning and in the evening, when it’s a bit cooler. During the day he likes to spend most of his time under my bed. I think it’s a little cooler there.

I hope this heat will be over soon, but I think they have expected even hotter days this week. 😦

The mail man was quick this morning! 😀 At 8.30 am I got my DVD that I had ordered online. Little House on the prairie, season 1! I’ve already watched two episodes of it.

I’ll take the shower now and then I’ll see what to eat.


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