A hot day

I am sweating at 10.20 pm… But may be that’s because I spend so much time outside today, in jeans. I wish I could take a cool shower, but it’s too late for that now. I will go out on the balcony in a while. I know the cat is waiting for that too. He is lying on the living room floor watching the balcony door.

My nephew Jonas had his confirmation in church today with 21 other boys and girls around his age. It was hot waiting outside of the church. It was pleasantly cool inside, because they had opened two side doors and there was a lovely breeze blowing inside. But again, it was hot waiting outside afterwards too. And then we went to my sister’s house of course for the celebration. We spent almost all the time outside in the backyard. I sat in a little bit of shadow, but it still felt very warm, especially with the clothes I was wearing. I would have wanted shorts, but I had my jeans on and a dark blue piqué shirt on.

One thing I don’t understand is, why you have to stand up so many times during the ceremony… Up and down, up and down, up and down. My sister’s sister-in-law counted that we had to stand up seven times to listen to texts or sing or whatever.

We left home after noon and didn’t come home until 5.30 pm. The ceremony in church was long. Part of it was because so many people (apart from the youngsters getting their confirmation) decided to take the communion. I didn’t. But several of the other relatives did.

We were quite many relatives. Me, mum, her friend, my sister’s family (two adults, three kids), my brother’s family (two adults, one kid), my aunt, my sister’s sister-in-law and her son, who is around Jonas’ age. Two more adults and two teenagers came later, for the celebration. So 11 adults and seven kids/teenagers. And the dog of course.

We heard the thunder a few times, but luckily no rain came.

Jonas was very handsome in his suit and tie. 😉 Inside the church, the photos that I took became dark, because of the lighting, but the ones taken outside and in his garden were pretty nice. He got four red roses and a bouquet of yellow roses. Other gifts included a watch, money and a set of forks, spoons, knives etc.

I really wanted to go home for the rerun of the German GP that started at 5.45 pm. Nico Rosberg won. But Valtteri Bottas was second today too! 😀 Now he has been on the podium three GPs in a row!! Third, second and second. The third place three GPs ago was his very first podium finish in F1. Next week they are driving in Hungary I think.

Now I’ll see if I can cool down a little on the balcony and then I’ll try to sleep, although my room is very warm at the moment, just as it has been for several weeks now!


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