Cat going nuts

Ok… It’s almost midnight. But the cat is going nuts now that mum and her friend just came home from Sweden. 😉 He is meowing all the time. He’ll probably keep meowing until they go to bed and may be continue meowing tomorrow morning as well.

I was sleeping when they came home, but the cat woke me up. 😉

Cleaned my room today, but not the desk. Didn’t have energy for that. Will leave the desk for some other day.

Watched a couple of episodes of Little house on the prairie… too. I love that show. I have seasons 2 and 3 on DVD. In a few days I’ll get season 1 too. 🙂 Only a few more episodes left of season 2. I’ll probably watch them tomorrow.

How horrible with that plane crash today. 😦 Especially if the plane was shot down with a missile as it seemed to be.


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