Strawberries and a flower



Got to pick five strawberries from the balcony today! 😀 Yay! They are tiny, but they are delicious! I saved the “big” one for last. 😉

Also noticed a big red flower in the hibiscus plant today!! 😀 Hope it’s still there tomorrow when mum and her friend come late at night. But at least I have it on a picture. Two plants on the balcony died… Have to throw them in the garbage tomorrow… But at least I got some strawberries and a hibiscus flower. Must have watered the plants enough then, even if a lot of plants have looked miserable during the crazy heat in this apartment… And the hibiscus has another flower on its way, but its not fully there yet.

It’s been a little cooler the last couple of days. But still around +28 in the apartment. It’s going to take some time to cool the house down. I have the balcony door open now, but the cat kindly lies inside the door in the living room, looking out on the balcony. He can stay there.

There has also been some thunderstorms and extremely heavy raining in the last couple of days. But now the sun is shining.

No nephew is here tomorrow… So I can concentrate on cleaning my messy room instead… Not looking forward to it, but it has to be done. And tomorrow I’ll have all day to do it. The ship doesn’t come until 11 pm and I’ll probably be sleeping then. But the cat will for sure go nuts when they come home, so I’ll probably wake up anyway.

Kimi Raikkonen is fully recovered! 😀 He can drive as usual this weekend in Hockenheim, Germany. So sad I won’t be able to watch the GP live on Sunday. 😦 I probably have to wait all day and watch the re-run late at night… And I will not be able to do anything on the internet either because then I will for sure see a note on the outcome of the GP somewhere. Oh, well, it’s pretty clear who’s gonna win anyway, either Rosberg or Hamilton. Nico Rosberg has let somebody paint the soccer world cup trophy on top of his helmet. 😀

I’ll quickly wash the dishes now (hate that), then watch an episode or two of Little house on the prairie, season 2, on DVD before going to bed.


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