I am going to take the train to Seinäjoki today! 😀 The train leaves at 9.20 am. I’ll be home again around 6 pm. It takes 58 minutes on the train, one direction. So I’ll get two hours on the train today.

Today I picked some strawberries on the balcony! 😀 Three tiny red ones! But they did taste like strawberries. 🙂 And there seems to come some new ones too, but they are still all green. We have a strawberry plant in a pot.

This heat sucks. 😦 It was +33 degrees inside the apartment a little while ago! Thats +91 F! But I think it will only be around 23 outside today, so may be the house cools down a bit. Whatever you do makes you sweat.

It’s only 21 outside now so I’ll take the jeans on and put the shorts in the bag.


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