A little too hot

It’s +28 C! (+82.4 F) Sunny and very hot… It’s like a sauna in the apartment. I know the cat doesn’t like the heat either with all the thick fur his has. 😦

I need a cool shower!

After that I am going to see if I find instructions for a cute rubber band pig charm on YT. 🙂 Also need to change the bed sheets and may be I’ll even wash them today. (If I remember how to put on the washing machine…)

I guess I’ll have to put the duvet back in the closet. 😉 Don’t think I need it tonight!

Going to watch the soccer game between Brazil and Germany tonight. At least I think it is Germany that they are playing the semi final against. I hope Brazil wins the game, but I suppose it will be difficult for them with top players out of the game.

No test driving for Kimi Raikkonen tomorrow, according to Ferrari. He still has bruises on his left knee and ankle and a little pain in his leg after that horrible accident! 😦 It’s always scary when it takes several seconds before the driver tries to get out of the car. The outcome could have been much worse last Sunday. Kimi was very lucky!

Took my nephew to town today… And we walked all the way from here to the market square. I asked him if he really could walk so long, but he said he could and he did. 🙂 We walked pretty slowly and stopped halfway to go to the swings in a park.

We visited the train station and I bought train tickets, because I am going to Seinäjoki on Friday! 😀 I hope the weather is good on Friday. It doesn’t have to be this hot, but I don’t like it to rain too much either. A quick rain shower is okay, but if it’s constantly raining for hours it’s not gonna be fun.

We also ate some ice cream and then we took the bus back home.

I heard a little thunder in the afternoon, but it was somewhere in the distance. Nowhere close to home.

Don’t want to go out any more tonight. But the cat wants to go on the balcony now. He doesn’t understand that it is much hotter out on the balcony. He should go lay down under the bed instead, where it is cooler. Guess I’ll have to let him go a few minutes before I shower.

May be I’ll be able to finish (or closely finish) the butterfly girl amigurumi tonight while I watch the soccer. I have three wings, the polka dots and the antennae left to crochet.


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