I just watched my first soccer game in this tournament. I watched Brazil vs. Colombia. 🙂 I hope Brazil will win the championship, because they are playing in Brazil!

The best moment, I think, was after the game when one of the guys from Colombia was very sad and cried. A guy from Brazil then hugged the Colombian guy. 😦

I might watch the semi final, depending on when it comes. Apparently one of the best Brazilian players is not allowed to be in the next game… So that might complicate things for them. I think they are playing against Germany next.

Let’s see if I can sleep in my bed tonight… Two nights in a row I’ve had to move my duvet and pillow to the living room and the couch. I have had to put several pillows and cushions behind my back so I have almost sat and slept. When I lay down on the bed I usually start coughing very much.

Late last night I searched the Internet for something that would make me cough less and I read that you should heat the water up and add a few teaspoons of honey. I did that, like 2 am or something. I wish I hadn’t! It was horrible! I almost thought I was going to throw up, it tasted so bad! I didn’t drink much of that…

Guess I’ll have to drink a lot of water and take some coughing medicine now and then see if I can actually sleep.

Happy 4th of July for the Americans today! (Although it is already July 5th in Finland!) 😉


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