Rain, rain, rain and a little more rain…

Man, I am tired of this constant rain today. Alec was here. I took him out to the back yard of the house even if it was pouring down heavily. He needed some fresh air. We both had rain clothes on but no wellington boots.

Around 6 pm (he left to go home at 4 pm today), I went to the library. Again the rain was pouring down like crazy but I still went with rain coat, rain trousers and wellington boots.

I borrowed nine “Little house on the prairie” books. πŸ™‚ Already started reading the first one. Actually, there is eight books in the series, but I borrowed “Farmer boy” too, which I think is the story of the man who Laura married. I had to borrow some books in Swedish, because they didn’t have all the books in English. The first one I’ll read in Swedish.

Made a new Rainbow loom bracelet today. Bird of the paradise I think it is called. Also made a tiny cross, without the loom. Just 15 rubber bands and a crochet hook. πŸ™‚

I might try something else later tonight. It’s already 8.30 pm, but I still have stuff to do before going to bed.

I thought the coughing had become less yesterday, but today it seems to be worse again… I am coughing more and when I cough my throat hurts. Must remember to take some cough medicine before I go to bed.

Started writing a letter today that will be sent to Sweden. πŸ™‚ I might finish it tonight or tomorrow.

Going to go to Lidl tomorrow too, because they have some American stuff I want to try and eat! πŸ˜€

Last week I created a photo book with just random photos that I like. My niece and nephews when they were young, the dogs, photos from Helsinki and Turku, poisonous mushrooms, snow, the sky, the Easter bonfire etc. The book came today. πŸ™‚ Not in the mail. I had to go get it from the post office across the street. Well, it’s not exactly a post office. The grocery store has a tiny area where they keep the packages and parcels. They also sell stamps.

I chose 48 pages this time, with the same cover as the previous photo book about Niki. But Niki’s book has 36 pages, so this one is a little more pages. I basically just started from the beginning of the “iPhoto” program were we have over 5000 photos. Then I just took some of my favorite photos and created the book with them. So the photos are in chronological order. I tried to avoid pictures of Niki, since he already got an entire book. πŸ˜‰ But Niki is in one of the photos, with my niece.

I’d better wash the dishes now, quickly, and then I might read or finish the letter or make something with the rubber bands. Haven’t decided what I’ll do yet. But first, the dishes. 😦


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