Rubber bands

It’s not exactly warm even if it is the end of June. 😦 +11 C I think at the moment. (+51 F) Hopefully it will get warmer in July…

Got a lot of rubber bands in the mail today! 😀 For my rainbow loom. I have a lot of bracelets already and I have tried some of the charms they have. I made a snake, a ghost and a little flower charm. I’d like to try making things with two forks too. 🙂 But I’m not sure if I want to use two of our forks… May be I’ll have to get two forks from the flea market and tape them together.

Crocheted a pyramid yesterday! From the latest issue of “Simply Crochet”. Have also started with the butterfly girl from the same issue. Nice to get a tape measure and a tiny little box for the tape measure for free. 🙂

So, Sweden’s prince Carl Philip popped the question this morning and his Sofia said “Yes”! 😀 I watched their engagement announcement/press interviews live on the computer. They´re getting married next year in the summer.

Just took a shower and now I’ll spend the rest of the evening reading a book. Hopefully I will finish it tonight.


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