Strong men

It was sunny and pretty warm today. I took Alec with me to the market square and watched the end of the “strong men championship league” (I think that’s the name) competitions. They are competing several times during the year in several countries. Today they were in Vasa. 🙂

It was several hundreds watching. At first we didn’t see anything… But eventually we were able to see a little bit. I held Alec in my arms so he could see something. The last part of the competition included carrying 100 kg heavy bags and put them up on a platform. They had three of those bags to put on the platform. They also had to carry some heavy wooden structure.

A guy from “Game of Thrones” won the competition. 🙂 Ok, I have never watched the GoT on TV, nor have I read the books. So I don’t know who he plays.

After the competition ended and the prize ceremony was over, we ate ice cream on the market square and that was a very messy story… I don’t know how many paper towels I had to use to get rid of all the melting ice cream. He ate pear ice cream, I had lemon-licorice.

My heels were hurting when we got home. Especially the left heel. Ouch! 😦 The shoes are no good. I have been wearing extra soles inside the shoes but they are worn out at the back so I need new soles. Mum says I need new shoes, but I don’t want to spend time looking for shoes that I am not going to find. It’s easier to buy extra soles and that will make the shoes better.

Just finished cross stitching a table cloth! 😀 I just need to sew the edges, another day.

Think I will try finishing a book tonight before going to bed. I finished another book too today, so I want to see if I can finish two in the same day.


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