Birthday party

My niece Wilma turns 9 years today, so we went there for a birthday party. It was me, mum, grand mum, my brother, Alec, Wilma, my sister and her husband, who left pretty early. He went to pick up my nephew Rasmus who played soccer in another town (don’t know where). My nephew Jonas wasn’t home either, because he was on his way to the north of Finland to play some soccer tomorrow. The cake (which Wilma and Jonas made earlier today, before Jonas left the house) was yummy! They had decorated it with whipped cream and strawberries. Inside was mushed banana. We were there from around 1 pm to around 5 pm.

The storm that started yesterday (I think) continued today… It was really strong winds at times. But pretty sunny too. A bit cold though. The sun doesn’t warm up the air even if it’s shining.

Think I am going to bed now. Hope the cat doesn’t wake me up so much during the night.



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