Baby sitting

Well, it’s not exactly a baby I am looking after. It’s my nephew Alec who is 3 years. He’s been ill this week so I was 8 hours at his house on Tuesday, and early this morning I went there again. Just got home, with a bad headache… Just took a pill, so I hope it will help soon.

Might have to go there tomorrow too. 

It was cold and a little bit of rain in the morning, but in the afternoon the sun showed up. 🙂

Yesterday I went to a big flea market outside of town. Found a couple of books, not much else. It was very warm when I went there yesterday, so I only had a t-shirt and shorts. But when I came back it was suddenly much colder and I wished I would have had my jeans instead and may be a jacket too. My legs and arms were cold when I came home.

Going to lay down on the bed now and read a book. Hopefully I’ll get rid of the headache soon…

In the evening I am going to finish another Rainbow loom bracelet. I have several already. They are pretty easy to make.


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