Rainbow loom bracelet

Today I finished my first rainbow loom bracelet! 😀 I made a starburst bracelet with black edges. The stars in the middle were pink, yellow and green. Also tried to finish a holiday bracelet in white and blue but I made some mistake in the beginning so when I took it off the loom some rubber bands fell off. So I have to start again tomorrow.

I have watched so many rainbow/fun loom tutorials on YT I got a little impatient. I ordered the rainbow loom online but it took a while before it came. Now I can make a lot of rubber band bracelets! 🙂 

It was my niece that first got a fun loom (I think). She showed me a single chain bracelet that she had made and I started trying to find out what it was. 

I am going to make some more bracelets before trying the tiny animals (charms as they call them) and other small things.

It was pretty warm and sunny during the day. But at the moment it’s raining.

Kimi Raikkonen did pretty good in the practice sessions (P4 yesterday and P6 today). But he was only 10th (I think) in the qualifying. 😦 Don’t know what happened to him in the qualifying… But good for Kimi that they took David Lloyd into Kimi’s team. Now it is Lloyd who communicates with Kimi on the radio. Kimi and the race engineer Spagnolo were not really able to communicate with each other. Hopefully things change now that Kimi can talk to Lloyd instead.

Tomorrow I will watch on TV the christening ceremony for Sweden’s little princess Leonore. 🙂 Going to be interesting to see if she cries or if she is calm.

Going to finish reading a book now and start on a new one.


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