Blueberry pie :)

I managed to get Alec to take a nap. 🙂 He was so grumpy last night and I know it is because he didn’t sleep during the day. He came 8.10 am this morning (I woke up about a minute earlier…)

While he is sleeping now, I think I will carefully sneak out and go to the grocery store, which has just opened for the day. I need to buy a few things and then I am going to bake a blueberry pie. 😀 I might need to get some vanilla sauce too. Must check the ingredients needed and what I have at home.

Mum is coming home after 6 pm, so may be my sister and some of her kids will go and get her to the ship. That’s why I’m making the pie. I thought they might come here and stay for coffee.

I watched the documentary movie about ice hockey player Teemu Selänne yesterday. It was good. A bit emotional… Interesting too. I didn’t know that he has a twin brother (don’t remember which of them is 20 minutes older than the other).


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