Time to get some sleep. But I don’t think I will be able to sleep much. I’ve got the coughing and irritated/sore throat that mum has had for weeks (my aunt and grand mum has had it/has it too…) Great…

My throat feels dry like a desert and it gets worse when you cough. 

Laying down on the bed? Forget it! You have to sit in bed. (Lean against the wall with pillows behind your back and head.)

It was pretty sunny and warm early in the day, but then it began raining. The sun came back in the evening and I decided to go to a grocery store down the road (the one across the street was already closed). Bad idea… When I was in the store, the rain started pouring down badly… And I mean really badly! I had to wait outside the store under a little roof. Then I realized the bike saddle was soaking wet (because I didn’t have a plastic bag to put over it). And I was wearing my crocs! (Another bad idea…) I had to choose between sitting on the bike saddle and get my butt all wet and cold. Or walk with the bike and get my socks all wet and cold. I chose to walk and get the socks wet…

Mum and her friend went to his house in Sweden today. They left the house early in the morning, because the ship left at 8 am. I don’t know when she is coming back. But my nephew Jonas will get his confirmation in the church on July 20, so I suppose she (and may be he too) will come a day or two before that.

Guess I have to take care of my nephew Alec pretty much every day, just like I did today. He is not in daycare during the summer. But I will let my sister take care of him too, some days…

I have a head ache now (still only a bit of pain), and I just sneezed three times in a row! I better take some flu powder before I go to bed. And bring a big glass of water to put on the bookshelf next to the bed. Because I am going to need a lot of water tonight when I start coughing… I guess I am having a summer cold.

Rubber bands

It’s not exactly warm even if it is the end of June. 😦 +11 C I think at the moment. (+51 F) Hopefully it will get warmer in July…

Got a lot of rubber bands in the mail today! 😀 For my rainbow loom. I have a lot of bracelets already and I have tried some of the charms they have. I made a snake, a ghost and a little flower charm. I’d like to try making things with two forks too. 🙂 But I’m not sure if I want to use two of our forks… May be I’ll have to get two forks from the flea market and tape them together.

Crocheted a pyramid yesterday! From the latest issue of “Simply Crochet”. Have also started with the butterfly girl from the same issue. Nice to get a tape measure and a tiny little box for the tape measure for free. 🙂

So, Sweden’s prince Carl Philip popped the question this morning and his Sofia said “Yes”! 😀 I watched their engagement announcement/press interviews live on the computer. They´re getting married next year in the summer.

Just took a shower and now I’ll spend the rest of the evening reading a book. Hopefully I will finish it tonight.


Midsummer, heavy rain, cold, +7 C (44 F)… But that doesn’t bother me at all. 😉 I have no parties or barbecues or picnics planned. I will watch the Austrian F1 free practice sessions today, starting at 11 am. Tonight I might go to the sauna (haven’t been there in a while). Apart from that I’ll just read, cross stitch, do some Rainbow loom things and may be watch a movie on DVD. 🙂 I read in the newspaper the other day that it is the coldest summer in 50 years!

No shops are open after noon. But I have everything I need. Tomorrow shops are closed all day. 

Strong men

It was sunny and pretty warm today. I took Alec with me to the market square and watched the end of the “strong men championship league” (I think that’s the name) competitions. They are competing several times during the year in several countries. Today they were in Vasa. 🙂

It was several hundreds watching. At first we didn’t see anything… But eventually we were able to see a little bit. I held Alec in my arms so he could see something. The last part of the competition included carrying 100 kg heavy bags and put them up on a platform. They had three of those bags to put on the platform. They also had to carry some heavy wooden structure.

A guy from “Game of Thrones” won the competition. 🙂 Ok, I have never watched the GoT on TV, nor have I read the books. So I don’t know who he plays.

After the competition ended and the prize ceremony was over, we ate ice cream on the market square and that was a very messy story… I don’t know how many paper towels I had to use to get rid of all the melting ice cream. He ate pear ice cream, I had lemon-licorice.

My heels were hurting when we got home. Especially the left heel. Ouch! 😦 The shoes are no good. I have been wearing extra soles inside the shoes but they are worn out at the back so I need new soles. Mum says I need new shoes, but I don’t want to spend time looking for shoes that I am not going to find. It’s easier to buy extra soles and that will make the shoes better.

Just finished cross stitching a table cloth! 😀 I just need to sew the edges, another day.

Think I will try finishing a book tonight before going to bed. I finished another book too today, so I want to see if I can finish two in the same day.

Birthday party

My niece Wilma turns 9 years today, so we went there for a birthday party. It was me, mum, grand mum, my brother, Alec, Wilma, my sister and her husband, who left pretty early. He went to pick up my nephew Rasmus who played soccer in another town (don’t know where). My nephew Jonas wasn’t home either, because he was on his way to the north of Finland to play some soccer tomorrow. The cake (which Wilma and Jonas made earlier today, before Jonas left the house) was yummy! They had decorated it with whipped cream and strawberries. Inside was mushed banana. We were there from around 1 pm to around 5 pm.

The storm that started yesterday (I think) continued today… It was really strong winds at times. But pretty sunny too. A bit cold though. The sun doesn’t warm up the air even if it’s shining.

Think I am going to bed now. Hope the cat doesn’t wake me up so much during the night.


Baby sitting

Well, it’s not exactly a baby I am looking after. It’s my nephew Alec who is 3 years. He’s been ill this week so I was 8 hours at his house on Tuesday, and early this morning I went there again. Just got home, with a bad headache… Just took a pill, so I hope it will help soon.

Might have to go there tomorrow too. 

It was cold and a little bit of rain in the morning, but in the afternoon the sun showed up. 🙂

Yesterday I went to a big flea market outside of town. Found a couple of books, not much else. It was very warm when I went there yesterday, so I only had a t-shirt and shorts. But when I came back it was suddenly much colder and I wished I would have had my jeans instead and may be a jacket too. My legs and arms were cold when I came home.

Going to lay down on the bed now and read a book. Hopefully I’ll get rid of the headache soon…

In the evening I am going to finish another Rainbow loom bracelet. I have several already. They are pretty easy to make.