Horrible weather!

Horrible weather!

It’s +5 C (41 F), raining and the winds are strong! 😦 Feels like November…

The Finns fought well yesterday, but the Russians were better. So silver medals for the Lions. 🙂 They lost 2-5, so in the end it was a pretty difficult game for them. The Russians won every game in the tournament, so they deserved the championship. 🙂

While we were watching the game, Niki wanted to stay on the balcony. But we didn’t want to watch over him all the time. So I took a chair from the balcony and but it in the door opening, so that half the chair was in the living room and the other half on the balcony. Niki really enjoyed that and slept on the chair for over an hour. Eventually we had to move the chair back out on the balcony and take the cat inside, because it got a bit cold in the living room…


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