Ice hockey night!

It’s another hot day… But not really as hot as yesterday. When I woke up this morning (didn’t get much sleep because of the cat and the heat), it was +32 C in the kitchen! 😦 For those using F instead of C, +32 C is 89,6 F. The sun had been shining through the window early in the morning and the walls in this house keeps the apartments warm for long. So even if the temperature dropped last night, it was still the same temperature inside the apartment as it was earlier in the day. And unfortunately we can not change the indoor temperature. It is what it is. 

Hopefully it is true that tomorrow will be a bit cooler. And the next week will be way under +20 C, on Monday it might be only +9 C (which is 48 F). Also some rain is coming next week.

At 3 pm I’ll watch the qualifying. Then at 6.45 pm the semifinal between Finland and the Czech Republic starts. Hopefully Finland wins the game so they can fight for the gold medals tomorrow. But silver or bronze is good too. Last year I think the Finns came in 4th place, so they didn’t get any medals. A medal this year would be great! 😀


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