Man, it’s hot! +27 C or +80 F.

I’m sweating… It’s going to be difficult to sleep tonight. Because the room is so warm. It doesn’t help to have the window open either. I’ll definitely get rid of my duvet tonight and only sleep on the bed sheets.

I hope some real nice thunderstorm and heavy rain should come. But don’t think so. It might come tomorrow according to the newspaper.

Wish they would have some thrilling ice hockey game to watch tonight. But all the teams have a day off. Both semifinals are tomorrow. Still don’t know what time Finland plays, but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

No Formula one either. In Monaco they always drive on Thursday instead of Friday. Never understood why…

They have a market on the market square today and tomorrow. Went today but didn’t find anything interesting. Just wanted to go home, away from the heat. 

Need a cool shower now.


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