A book about Niki

A book about Niki

I spent a long time last Sunday creating a photo book about Niki! 🙂 Today I got it in the mail! 😀 The book has 36 pages and is filled with a total of 95 pictures.

It was time consuming to find all the pictures and then choose backgrounds and layout, small pictures etc. But it was fun too!

Watched the first free practice session today and most of the second one. They are still driving a few minutes, but of course Kimi’s car got some issues… Why is it always Kimi’s car? Why not Alonso’s car? Hope they can fix the issues so Kimi won’t get any penalties. Because if they have to change the gear box and Kimi falls down 5 spots, it’s going to be very difficult for him in the race. Overtaking another car in Monaco is almost impossible without pitstops and safety cars.

When mum comes home we’ll eat tortillas. 🙂

Tonight at 8 pm I will watch the quarter final between Finland and Canada. I hope Finland will win, but I expect Canada to win…

It’s quite warm today, +22 C I think. But the wind is very strong. Lucky it’s a warm wind, but no fun cycling in it.


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