Sun and rain

Yesterday was the warmest day so far this year! 😀 +26 C and sunny! Today, cold and a little rain… Last night there was some heavy rain too and a little bit of thunder, but not much. 

I hope Switzerland wins today’s game against Latvia. Only that can get the Finnish players to the quarter final. But in a way, may be I wish Latvia would win. It’s pretty painful to watch how bad the Finnish players play this tournament. They won against Kazakhstan with 4-3, but it was close they wouldn’t have won. So if they make it to the quarter finals they will probably meet Canada, and that game for sure will end something like 6-1 to Canada. So may be it is better for the Finnish players to just pack their bags and come back home to Finland…

I’m not going to watch the game between Latvia and Switzerland tonight, because we have to go to a birthday party. My nephew Jonas turns 16 today. May be the others will watch the game a little bit while we are there.

Now I am going to crochet a bit.


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