Mother’s day visitors

My sister’s whole family where here today to celebrate mum. Alec was here too. So it was quite a lot of sounds here when Alec played with his cousins. 

Raikkonen was angry at the team after the Spanish GP… I understand him. 

The Finnish ice hockey team… OMG! Two games, two losses. 0 points… 😦 One Finnish player got injured today and they had to carry him out on a stretcher. Hope it’s nothing worse than a concussion. And I hope the player that caused it receives some punishment for what he did… The Russians played really dirty today. I don’t know what the Finnish players should do now, but they have to do something big! If they continue like this, they won’t even make it to the quarter finals! 

11th place for Finland in the ESC. I think it’s the best since we won 2006. So that’s good. But I think they deserved to be in top 10. For once I agree that the right song won the competition. The ESC ended at around 1.30 am and that’s when I went to bed. 

I began piecing together a jigsaw puzzle while I listened to the songs and that kept me awake during the point scoring part of the competition. I had no idea what time it was until I turned off the TV and looked at the clock… I wasn’t sleepy at all.

Almost midnight. Better go to bed now.


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