Home sweet home

It was a long, long day yesterday… 

I woke up at 6 am, took the local bus at 8 am to the harbor, entered the ship and came to Sweden at 12. According to the website you have to make a reservation for the bus that goes from the harbor to Umeå. I did that of course. But everyone didn’t. The bus driver was a bit annoyed that 87 people had made reservation on the bus, but well over a hundred came! If he had had to order another bus it would have taken over 30 minutes. So he just packed all the people into two buses and a lot of people had to stand for more than 30 minutes while the buses drove to Umeå.

Bought a couple of books, a crossword magazine and cross stitch magazine (the magazines are not sold in Vasa, so I was happy to find them in Sweden). From the ship I bought a little plastic vehicle (a four wheeler) for my nephew Alec and some candy for me…

It was enough time in Umeå. The bus left for the harbor 5 pm. Around 3 pm I was ready to go home. Sat in a café for a pretty long time, resting my legs. Quite early I went to the bus stop to wait for the bus.

The weather? A mixture of sunshine, big grey clouds, rain, light rain, very heavy rain and some hail! I am happy I brought my umbrella with me! 😉

The return trip with the ship was pretty tiresome. I spent most of the two boat trips reading and solving cross words. I was tired in the evening and all I wanted to do was to get home and go to bed. I was also freezing. The other people on the ship were loud and kids were running around. I just sat at a little table, solving cross words, reading, solving cross words again and reading. I am sure I could easily have fallen asleep if I had sat in one of the comfy, soft, red chairs that they have on the ship.

The ship came to Vasa at 11 pm. I took the local bus back to where I started in the morning, at the bus/train station. The bus trip… *shaking my head* Five calm Finns and around 30 young drunken Swedes! 😦 The Swedes where very loud, singing, yelling, clapping their hands, stomping their feet… The bus driver put the radio on so loud because he tried to drench the sounds of the drunkards. In the center of the town he made a U turn and drove back to the market square where he let all the Swedes out of the bus. They went straight to the closest bar they saw. The bus then drove to the bus/train station and let us, the calm Finns, out. I took the bicycle home and was finally home around 11.40 pm.

Thank God the cat was nice to me. He didn’t wake me up at all during the night, as he normally does. I slept until about 8 am today.

When I woke up there was a little snow on the ground! May 4th! And a few minutes ago there was a mixture of rain and snow coming down. 😦 Come on, mother Earth! We don’t want snow in May!

Today I’ll just stay at home. At 1.30 pm I’ll watch the Finland vs Czech Republic ice hockey game. I couldn’t watch the Finland vs Sweden game yesterday for obvious reasons. 😉 Apparently Finland had won after a shootout competition.


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