Boat trip abroad tomorrow! :)

I am leaving the country tomorrow, but only for some hours. I’ll be back home in the evening.

I am going to Sweden, to a town called Umeå. I get about 4 hours in Umeå, depending on how fast or slow the bus drives. The boat trip is free. 😀 The bus to Umeå and the rest obviously costs, but that’s ok. It’s not every day you get a free boat trip to Sweden!

I have to be at the train/bus station tomorrow morning at 8 am. The ship/boat/ferry (don’t know what to call it…) leaves at 9 am. I will be in Sweden at noon local time, and the bus (I think it is a bus) will drive to Umeå. The bus back leaves at 5 pm, the ship at 6 pm. Don’t know when it comes back to Vasa, but I suppose it takes four hours both ways, so that would mean 11 pm (the boat starts 6 pm Swedish time, which is 7 pm Finnish time). It’s going to be a long day tomorrow! 

Better go early to bed and wake up pretty early too at 6 or 6.30 am.

I have a pancake in the oven now. Will be done in a couple of minutes I think.


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