Rainy day

It’s a rainy day. At least I think it will be. A while ago it was pouring down heavily. Now it’s only a little rain. 

Last day in school for the school kids, including my niece and two nephews.

Nephew Alec came here a while ago. He brought some Lego toys with him. So now he is playing with Legos while we wait for mum to call on Skype. He doesn’t really understand that she is with K in Sweden and that they are probably still sleeping… But I sent a text message to mum so she knows to turn on Skype when she wakes up.

Going to watch a documentary movie about ice hockey player Teemu Selänne tonight when Alec goes home. I borrowed the DVD from Jonas, the oldest nephew. 

Horrible weather!

Horrible weather!

It’s +5 C (41 F), raining and the winds are strong! 😦 Feels like November…

The Finns fought well yesterday, but the Russians were better. So silver medals for the Lions. 🙂 They lost 2-5, so in the end it was a pretty difficult game for them. The Russians won every game in the tournament, so they deserved the championship. 🙂

While we were watching the game, Niki wanted to stay on the balcony. But we didn’t want to watch over him all the time. So I took a chair from the balcony and but it in the door opening, so that half the chair was in the living room and the other half on the balcony. Niki really enjoyed that and slept on the chair for over an hour. Eventually we had to move the chair back out on the balcony and take the cat inside, because it got a bit cold in the living room…

Gold or silver tomorrow???

Holy cannoli! Finland has a 50 % chance of winning gold tomorrow!!! 😀 If not, they will get the silver medals… But anyway, Finland barely made it to the quarter final, won over Canada, came to the semi final, won over the Czech Republic. The best thing is that Sweden lost the semi final, so at least Finland is better than the Swedish team. 😉 There’s always a competition between Finland and Sweden in sports.

Jaromir Jagr got pretty angry… 🙂 He got a penalty and threw his stick, a towel and a water bottle when he sat on the penalty bench… 

Still hot in the apartment. +29 C! Outside it’s +23 C. 

Looking forward to Finland vs Russia tomorrow night at 9 pm!! 😀

Ice hockey night!

It’s another hot day… But not really as hot as yesterday. When I woke up this morning (didn’t get much sleep because of the cat and the heat), it was +32 C in the kitchen! 😦 For those using F instead of C, +32 C is 89,6 F. The sun had been shining through the window early in the morning and the walls in this house keeps the apartments warm for long. So even if the temperature dropped last night, it was still the same temperature inside the apartment as it was earlier in the day. And unfortunately we can not change the indoor temperature. It is what it is. 

Hopefully it is true that tomorrow will be a bit cooler. And the next week will be way under +20 C, on Monday it might be only +9 C (which is 48 F). Also some rain is coming next week.

At 3 pm I’ll watch the qualifying. Then at 6.45 pm the semifinal between Finland and the Czech Republic starts. Hopefully Finland wins the game so they can fight for the gold medals tomorrow. But silver or bronze is good too. Last year I think the Finns came in 4th place, so they didn’t get any medals. A medal this year would be great! 😀


Man, it’s hot! +27 C or +80 F.

I’m sweating… It’s going to be difficult to sleep tonight. Because the room is so warm. It doesn’t help to have the window open either. I’ll definitely get rid of my duvet tonight and only sleep on the bed sheets.

I hope some real nice thunderstorm and heavy rain should come. But don’t think so. It might come tomorrow according to the newspaper.

Wish they would have some thrilling ice hockey game to watch tonight. But all the teams have a day off. Both semifinals are tomorrow. Still don’t know what time Finland plays, but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

No Formula one either. In Monaco they always drive on Thursday instead of Friday. Never understood why…

They have a market on the market square today and tomorrow. Went today but didn’t find anything interesting. Just wanted to go home, away from the heat. 

Need a cool shower now.


OMG! 😀 The Finns have played horribly in the tournament and barely made it to the quarter final. I thought it was going to be an easy game for the Canadians, but no. Finland won!!! 😀 The last five minutes were too scary…

Now it’s Finland vs Czech Republic in one semi final and Sweden vs Russia in the other semi final! I would not want to meet Russia in the semi final, so I am happy that Sweden gets to meet them. 😉

It’s late. I’d better try and get some sleep. But it’s so warm in the room, it’s going to be difficult… 

Looking forward to the semi final on Saturday!!