Wizard of Oz musical

Wizard of Oz musical

The question is… Where’s the cat? 😉 His tail is and a little bit of the back is showing under the blanket! He crawled under the blanket himself the other day.

Well, it’s been a cold day. Quite windy too. I spent a couple of hours at the Finnish theater, watching the musical The Wizard of Oz. I’m not complaining about the actor’s performances or the music, because those where great. The actress who plays Dorothy and the actor who played the dog Toto, were both ill (may be, I don’t know), so they had two others who played those parts. They can’t have had much time to practice, although the actress and the actor normally has some of the minor parts in the play, so they were familiar with the movements of Dorothy and Toto. But they still had new dances to learn and the actress had all those lines to remember. Toto obviously didn’t talk. 😉 He just made some dog sounds once in a while and had his tongue hanging out of his mouth, walking on all four limbs. So they both did great. They never hesitated or lost their lines.

Something I didn’t like about the play was the costumes and the kind of modern setting. In this play Dorothy lived in a slum area, almost on a garbage pile. I haven’t read the books for years (probably). But in the book, Dorothy doesn’t live on a garbage pile at least! And the clothes were so modern (Dorothy had among other things grey stockings with several holes in them, a tiny and tight jeans skirt). And they could have put more energy on creating a better lion…

But anyway, still a good play. A bit scary at times, with loud noises and smoke. There were some young kids in the audience and they got a bit scared. One girl had to climb up on her mum’s lap. The tickets were cheaper today and mum really thought I should go and see it. (She went last week.)

But one thing that really irritated me was some of the audience. The kids couldn’t shut up. Well, that’s understandable. But a bit annoying when you hear the kids in the audience. Even more annoying were some men with their smart phones. I mean, honestly, do you have to check Facebook a couple of minutes before the play start?? And as soon as the break started, they quickly grabbed their phones out of their pockets and started checking Facebook again. Is it really that important? Why can’t they leave Facebook (or any site) alone for a couple of hours?

A bit early to go to bed. I might watch an episode of Numb3rs on DVD before going to sleep. It’s always nice to watch Numb3rs. 🙂


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