Crocheted elk

Crocheted elk

So, this is the big elk I have been crocheting the last days. Finished it yesterday. It was a bit tricky to make it as the yarn was so thick. I used a 7 mm crochet hook.

It’s about 30 cm from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. It’s slightly more than 30 cm from one end of the horn to the end of the other horn. So it’s quite big. 🙂

Now I am going to make the same elk, using the yarn that I usually have when I make amigurumis. I want to know how small that elk is going to be, compared to this big one. 😉

He has googly eyes. In the picture it looks like the eyes point in two different directions (left and right), but it’s just because I lay the elk down. When he is sitting the black parts of the eyes look normal, pointing down.


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