So sad that Ferrari kicked Stefano Domenicali out of the team. 😦 Why is it his fault that Ferrari can’t build a strong enough car? 

Never heard of the new team principle. Don’t even remember his name at the moment. M.M. something, I think. But I hope he will bring new and positive energy to the team, because the three first GPs of the season have all been quite painful to watch… Ferrari is in deep trouble and they have to do something quickly to make the car better than it is now.

Anyway, pretty sunny and warm today. Think I will go to the library or something. At least I need to go and buy some dinner. Don’t know what I am going to eat, but I am hungry…

Still coughing, but it’s getting better. It’s worse in the morning when I wake up.

Bakery Boss on TLC tonight! 😀

Edit: Okay, may be he wasn’t kicked out of the team. May be he wanted to leave. Anyway, still sad.


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