My coughing is worse today and the throat hurts when I cough too much or sneeze… My voice is not normal. But the nose is slightly better today and I am not as tired as I was yesterday.

I went to a sports center called “Botniahallen” where they had a big market. The bus (which went non stop between the sports center and the town) was free. It took a couple of hours to walk around and look at everything. Bought some books, got a few free magazines, candies and things like that. A canvas bag for free too. 🙂 Wrote my name on several lottery tickets, but I have never won anything on those lottery tickets that they have on markets. So I am not expecting to win anything.

As yesterday, pretty sunny but cold. 

Waiting for the chicken legs that are in the oven. Soon they are ready.

Going to read after dinner. Hopefully I can finish a book later tonight.

I might watch “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” on TV tonight, but I am not sure. It starts pretty late, at 10.30 pm I think. 


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