I’m physically tired and mentally tired on constant coughing a nose blowing and sneezing. It feels almost like a little bread crumb stuck in the throat and when I say something it starts irritating and I start coughing. Took a nap during the afternoon and that helped a bit. 

Well, at least I have done pretty much reading today. Not much else to do, when you can’t really go out. I did go to the grocery store across the street, but apart from that I’ve been inside all day.

Soon I am going to watch the second Finland vs Latvia game. 🙂 Next week Finland has two games against Germany. They should win all these games. I think the one yesterday they won 5-1.

Before I go to bed tonight (think I’ll go early, around 9 or 9.30 pm), I need to drink some warm flu powder. 

It’s been pretty sunny today but a little cold at the same time.


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